Heartbleed OpenSSL security bug fixed

Few days ago a big security bug was found in the OpenSSL implementation of the SSL protocol, allowing an attacker to access certain portions of servers memory that could contain sensitive data, passwords, etc... The bug is now called The Heartbleed bug.

With this post we inform you that we’ve just secured our servers against this bug.
Also, we recommend you to change your password through the Forgot your password functionality.

Thank you and keep making with Paraimpu!

First steps with the Intel® Galileo board, the Internet of Things and Paraimpu

We've just published inside the Arduino Scuola website a tutorial about the first steps with the great Intel® Galileo board, connecting it to the world and how to build a simple Internet of Things application using Galileo and Paraimpu.

Intel® Galileo is an hardware and software Arduino-compatible powerful board made by Intel®.

The Intel® Galileo board is based on the Intel® Quark SoC X1000, a 32-bit Intel Pentium®-class system on a chip (SoC). It is the first board based on Intel® architecture designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with shields designed for the Arduino Uno R3.

This tutorial shows the basic steps and some notes and tips to pragmatically setup and use the board, to run your sketches and connect it to Internet in order to build a simple application through Paraimpu, the social platform for the Internet of Things.

Start the tutorial from here and have fun!

Paraimpu NEWS

We're glad to announce that the road to a new Paraimpu experience has officially started.

Paraimpu is now a startup company and you're invited to create your new, free, account on paraimpu.com

The old web site paraimpu.crs4.it will be dismissed on March 5th, and all your data will be securely deleted from it.

Connect, compose, share with Paraimpu!

The Paraimpu Team

New Paraimpu RELEASE: 0.8.6 "The Final Cut" is UP

Dear Users,

Paraimpu version 0.8.6, codename "The Final Cut" is up and running.

Basically, along with minor bugs fixing and several architecture improvements it uses the new Twitter APIs v1.1.

Consequently, very important to remark is that we've changed the way the Twitter Sensor works!

For details, please read this blog post.


  • the total number of new Twitter Sensors will be limited to 2 per Paraimpu user;
  • update frequency is established in order to avoid Twitter APIs rate-limiting; 

Please note: all the existing "old-fashioned" Paraimpu Twitter Sensors are disabled and they stopped working, we suggest you to delete them and to create instances of the new one, if needed.

Moreover, in order to properly refresh your workspace, please logout and login again. Thank you!

Enjoy the new version!

The Paraimpu Team

IMPORTANT: new Twitter policies, APIs and Sensors

Dear Users,

several weeks ago, Twitter announced the new terms, policies and the new REST API v.1.1 which are, in general, more restrictive about Twitter services usage.

We, as the Paraimpu team, have decided to not stop and remove the Twitter Sensor service but we had to redesign the way it operates starting from the imminent next release of the platform;

Changes will be applied through the new upcoming Paraimpu release,  scheduled for the next March, 5 2013.

OK, but what's changing?


the new Twitter Sensor will produce a JSON containing a (specified set) of words occurrences,  calculated against a specified amount of tweets which are tagged with a set of hashtags and (optionally) belonging to a particular Twitter user, or from all users by default.

For example, a new Twitter sensor configured as in the previous screenshot will always examine the Twitterverse picking the last 50 tweets with hashtag #thotel, coming from all users and it will produce JSON data like the following:

{"blue": 1, "purple": 0, "random": 0, "yellow": 0, "wave": 0, "green": 0, "orange": 0, "white": 0, "red": 2}

{"blue": 0, "purple": 5, "random": 0, "yellow": 0, "wave": 0, "green": 0, "orange": 0, "white": 1, "red": 1} 


that is a JSON containing all the occurrences of the specified Words to search.


  • the total number of new Twitter Sensors will be limited to 2 per Paraimpu user;
  • update frequency is established in order to avoid Twitter APIs rate-limiting;
  • PLEASE, NOTE: all the existing "old-fashioned" Paraimpu Twitter Sensors will stop working, without any further notice, by next March, 5; we suggest you to delete them and to create instances of the new one, if needed;

That's all.
See you in the next Paraimpu release.

Thank you.

The Paraimpu Team

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