NEW Paraimpu release 0.4 is ONLINE

Dear Users,

finally, the new Paraimpu release 0.4 is UP and RUNNING!

This version fixes several known bugs and limitations among the following changes:

  •  Sensors and Actuators editing;
  •  NEW SYNTAX for mapping and filtering: now, you have to use the real name of the sensor in a filter or in a mapping to refer to its data (where previously you used to refer to it writing the 'sensor' string), check the updated tutorial for an example of the new syntax;
  • NEW Arduino Ethernet Sensor (YEAH!)
  • improved things policy management: now it is possible to share a thing with a "to be approved" policy in order to know and moderate who is requesting to use your things
  • NEW notification system between users (try it with the policies!)

VERY IMPORTANT: Some internal architectural changes have affected several little components of Paraimpu.
Where possible, we have performed a migration of your workspace to the new model but it is possible that something is now inconsistent.
In particular, please, check all the connections filters and mappings in order to be sure that they adhere to the new filtering and mapping language syntax.

Thank you and let us know if you have any problem!!!

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