Quartz Composer and Max/MSP NEW Actuators in Paraimpu version 0.4.3

Dear musicians, videomakers, artists 2.0, innovators, geeks, Paraimpu users, world,

we are glad to announce two new Actuator types in Paraimpu release 0.4.3, online now!

The Actuators are for:

  • Max/MSP Patch: allows to add and automatically configure and download a patch ready-to-receive data from Paraimpu Sensors and ready-to-use in your Max workflows.
  • Apple Quartz Composer Patch: provides a download of a Quartz macro Patch ready to be configured to consume data from Paraimpu and to be connected to other patches in your Quartz workflow.
Thank you to the Quit-project guys for becoming such Paraimpu power users, for experimenting with us step-by-step its evolution and to rock the world!

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