UPDATED: How to connect Twitter to Facebook (or whatever else) in a (really, really) simple way

The new Paraimpu Twitter Sensor allows to query the Twitterverse for tweets labelled with specific hashtags, with the result of an automatic tweet content pushing into the Paraimpu system.
For example, it is possible to create a Twitter Sensor "saying" that we want all (and only) the new tweets that contains the tags: "#paraimpu, #on, #lights" from all Twitter users.

Moreover, I can set in the Sensor a particular Twitter user, in order to obtain only the tweets with the given hashtags AND coming from the specified user.

That Sensor opens to new Paraimpu usage scenarios, for example I can connect my Twitter Sensor to an Arduino Actuator which turns on/off or changes colors of my RGB LED lamp at home, letting me driving it from Twitter using my hashtags...the real limit it's fantasy.

Exploiting these new Paraimpu features, also it is possible to connect Twitter to Facebook.
The following tutorial shows how to.

Step 1: Create the Twitter Sensor

We want, for example, retreive only our tweets (to post on Facebook) containing the hashtag "#fb".
Click on the Twitter Sensor icon in the Parampu Sensors palette.
Fill in the creation form as following (writing your real twitter nick in the Twitter Username form field):

(please, notice that hash tags are comma separated strings without the '#' char)

Click the 'Register' button: the Sensor is added to your workspace.

Step 2: Create the Facebook Actuator

Search for its icon under the Actuator section in the Paraimpu palette and click on it.
After an authentication step, the Facebook Actuator is added to your workspace.

Step 3: Connect the Twitter Sensor to the Facebook Actuator

Click on the connect arrow you can find when the mouse's over your created Twitter Sensor and select the Facebook Actuator in the dialog.
A new connection is created for you.

N.B. : Since version 0.6 of Paraimpu, the Twitter Sensor produces a JSON like the following:

{"user":"paraimpu","text":"Hi Twitter buddies", "created_at":"Wed, 18 Oct 2011 13:45:03 +0000"}

thus, we need to set a little mapping in the connection configuration, in order to post to Facebook Wall only the Twitter text.

Step 4: Set a connection mapping

In the created connection configuration page, add a mapping like the following:

Which means: 

IF the message text (related to the JSON field named "text") coming from my Twitter Sensor called MyTwitterSensor is not empy, THEN forward it to my Facebook Actuator.

Finally,  just remember to activate the connection!

That's all!

Try to tweet something on Twitter using the specified hashtag, in this case '#fb'. Wait for few seconds and check your Facebook Wall.


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