Paraimpu 0.5 RELEASED!

Just in time for sunbathing, the new Paraimpu release is here: 0.5, codename "indastria".
We think this is a very nice release, which improves some aspects and adds new interesting features.
Let's discover them:

A fresh new style

We've worked a little on giving a new fresh style to the Web site. Also, to get an Alpha User invite, it is possible to fill in a form (GET an invite! ;-) )

APRS Sensor

The demonstrative Ship Source has been replaced by the more powerful APRS sensor. Thanks to the, the user can specify the object to check and get its position encoded in KML each 30 minutes.

Puredata Actuator

As stated in its Web site, Puredata is "a patchable environment for audio analysis, synthesis, and processing, with a rich set of multimedia capabilities". Paraimpu now provides an Actuator with a ready-to-use Puredata patch to drive the related environment.

Extended Arduino-based plugins

The Arduino Ethernet Source and the Arduino USB Actuator include a new intuitive graphical widget letting users to apply conditions, configure and use all analog and digital input/output board capabilities.

New Arduino USB Sensor plugin

A new Sensor enriches the Arduino-based services. It makes available the same features of Arduino Ethernet Sensor without the need to have an Ethernet shield.

New Arduino + Ethernet Shield Actuator plugin

With this new Actuator, the Paraimpu Arduino "family" is complete and you can use your Arduino board, equipped with an Ethernet Shield, as an Actuator.

Twitter Sensor

The workspace palette now provides a new Twitter Sensor, which allows to retreive tweets querying the Twitterverse by hashtags and/or by username. In this way it is now possible to drive things, electronic equipments, actuators, etc... directly from Twitter. Thus, we will able to turn on/off the lights in our offices posting a tweet... (simply, don't do it! ;-) )

Atom/RSS feed Sensor

Another, useful, brand new Thing is the Atom/RSS feed Sensor, capable to produce JSON data from a specified Atom/RSS feed URL filtering data by given keywords matched in title or tags fields. In this way "anything" exporting data in Atom or RSS format, now can be easily connected to Paraimpu as a Sensor.

Updated Foursquare Sensor

The Foursquare Sensor has been updated in order to use OAuth2 protocol for user authentication. More secure!
Moreover, now, the produced JSON venue data also includes latitude and longitude values.

On the "dark side", we've worked hard to improve the whole architecture scalability, security, fixing several bugs and improving the performance.

Enjoy the new version!

The Paraimpu Team

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