Paraimpu 0.6 RELEASED!

We are proud to announce the NEW Paraimpu release named: 0.6 "High Harbour".

What's new?

-  several backend bugs fixed and architecture improvements

Arduino Ethernet Actuator sketch enhanced: please, download the new sketch if you're using it.

NEW Karotz smart-rabbit Actuator added: now it is possible to use your Karotz as a Paraimpu Actuator, allowing you to send it messages to be pronounced, move its ears, change the LED colors. In order to use it you have to install our Paraimpu Karotz App from the Karotz Appz Store. At the moment we've submitted it and we're waiting for approval. Check it out for availability!

- NEW Timer Sensor added: this sensor allows you to set a timer which is able to automatically post text messages at a defined interval.

- Minor API changes (will be published soon)

- Twitter Sensor NOW produces JSON instead of plain/text including date and author of the tweet. The produced JSON, now is like the following:

{"user":"paraimpu","text":"Hi Twitter buddies", "created_at":"Wed, 18 Oct 2011 13:45:03 +0000"} 

N.B.  We've automatically (where possible) migrated all the existing Twitter Sensor  data and related mappings in order to correctly reference the Twitter message body as the 'text' JSON field, for all Paraimpu users

Anyway, if you notice something wrong, please update your connections configuration to reference the Twitter message like: YOUR_Twitter_Sensor_name.text
In particular, if you have connected a Twitter Sensor to a Facebook Actuator without any mapping, please configure the connection adding a mapping like this:

Condition:   YOUR_Twitter_Sensor_name.text!=''
Replace:  <% YOUR_Twitter_Sensor_name.text %>

The important features added in this release will open us the way toward great scenarios, we're preparing new tutorials and video demos!

Thank you.

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