Paraimpu 0.6.5 RELEASED!

We're glad to announce that Paraimpu, version 0.6.5 is out.

Main changes are:

- NEW OpenPICUS + Flyport board Sensor and Actuator
Now it is possible to connect OpenPICUS boards in the same easy way as for Arduino boards, including downloading of (almost) ready-to-use code in order to use them as Sensors or as Actuators. Moreover, a nice widget simplifies device testing and connections configuration.

- Several bugs fixed and several improvements done

- improved RSS/Atom Feed Sensor

And…in case you missed it, don't forget to try the Tlight artistic installation: The T Hotel Cagliari, Sardinia, joins the Web of Things and becomes interactive thanks to Paraimpu & Quit.

Check it out!

- Tlight @ Paraimpu

- Tlight @ T Hotel (ITA)

- Quit

N.B.: We've tested (and we recommend) Paraimpu with the latest versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Internet Explorer it isn't fully supported (yet).

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