Tutorial, How to use your Karotz rabbit with Paraimpu

Finally, the Paraimpu Karotz App has been approved and published on the Karotz Appz Store and it's free.

The basic steps to connect your Karotz to your Paraimpu workspace are the following.


  • Your Karotz registered to Karotz Web site
  • Your Karotz connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Connect to Paraimpu and create a new Karotz Actuator thing in your workspace
  • Go to the just created Karotz Actuator page and copy the Paraimpu Karotz Token on your clipboard

Install the Appz on the rabbit

1. Search for the Paraimpu App on Karotz Appz Store and select it.

2.  Click the Download button
3.  On the Karotz App configuration page:

  • Enter the previously copied Paraimpu Karotz Token (see Prerequisites section in this post) on the text field (1)
  • Select the "Permanent Activation" (2) option and set it to a "more often" value (e.g. ~ 1min.)
  • Click the "Save" button.

The Paraimpu Appz should be automatically installed on your rabbit and it should start to receive data from Paraimpu as soon as available.

Testing the App

Go to the created Karotz Actuator page in Paraimpu and insert data using the Karotz data widget. For example, inserting the following data and clicking on "POST Data" button :

It makes the rabbit saying the "Hello world from my Karotz!", lighting the LED in blue and moving the ears with opposite degrees.

If it seems to not work, try clicking three times the Karotz button in order to restart the App.

The same, user-friendly data widget for driving the Karotz it is available also in connections configuration pages, helping users to easily configure the connections estabilished between Karotz and other things.

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