Using the Google TV Actuator

The Paraimpu Google TV Viewer Actuator allows to use your Google TV as a generic viewer for data coming from Paraimpu, thus from your things.
Basically, it allows to visualize data (JSON) as a table (3x2 in the current version of the app) where each cell has a label and a data value.

In order to use this actuator, first step is to install the Paraimpu TV App from Google Play store, directly from your TV.

Once installed:

  •  login to Paraimpu
  •  in the palette, click on the Google TV Viewer icon in order to add a new instance to your workspace. Fill the form (something like the following picture) and click the Register button

  •  Launch the Paraimpu TV App in your Google TV
  •  Go to the Google TV Viewer Actuator page in your Paraimpu workspace
  •  Copy the token from the Actuator page to the dialog on the Paraimpu TV App (as shown by the next picture)

  • Click Confirm button in the TV dialog

Now, your app is linked to the correspondent Paraimpu Actuator. In few seconds your Paraimpu TV App is ready to receive data from Paraimpu.

Testing the App: first step

In order to simulate data sending to the Actuator,  go to the actuator page in Paraimpu.
The widget (shown in the next picture), allows you to compose data to be sent and visualized in the TV App. Basically, for each entry you can specify a label and the related data value to visualize, like in the following figure.

  • Click the POST Data button to send the resulting data to the Actuator
  • After few seconds the data should be visualized by the TV App (something like the following screenshot

Building a Connection

Second step in this tutorial is about connecting the simple, didactic, Mount Washington Wind Speed Sensor to the Google TV Actuator.

  • Create the Mount Washington Sensor
  • Connect it to the (previously created) Google TV Actuator in the workspace

At this point you should have the following connection

Now, we want to configure the connection specifying a data mapping in order to always transform Wind speed from Km/h to m/s and send both to the Google TV Viewer.
Thus, open the connection page and add the following mapping.

 The "true" value in the Match box (a condition) means: always true for each data coming from the sensor. Or, in other words: always apply Replace mapping.

In the Replace widget rows are:

Speed Km/h  --->  <% M_Washington_Wind %>

Speed m/s  --->  <% M_Washington_Wind * 0.277 %>     

Save the configuration.

In this way, we told Paraimpu to act as:  for each wind speed coming from the Mount Washington Sensor, send the Km/h data value and the converted m/s value to the Google TV in order to visualize both.

Activate the connection and here we are. When data will come from sensor, you will get it on your TV.

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