IMPORTANT: new Twitter policies, APIs and Sensors

Dear Users,

several weeks ago, Twitter announced the new terms, policies and the new REST API v.1.1 which are, in general, more restrictive about Twitter services usage.

We, as the Paraimpu team, have decided to not stop and remove the Twitter Sensor service but we had to redesign the way it operates starting from the imminent next release of the platform;

Changes will be applied through the new upcoming Paraimpu release,  scheduled for the next March, 5 2013.

OK, but what's changing?


the new Twitter Sensor will produce a JSON containing a (specified set) of words occurrences,  calculated against a specified amount of tweets which are tagged with a set of hashtags and (optionally) belonging to a particular Twitter user, or from all users by default.

For example, a new Twitter sensor configured as in the previous screenshot will always examine the Twitterverse picking the last 50 tweets with hashtag #thotel, coming from all users and it will produce JSON data like the following:

{"blue": 1, "purple": 0, "random": 0, "yellow": 0, "wave": 0, "green": 0, "orange": 0, "white": 0, "red": 2}

{"blue": 0, "purple": 5, "random": 0, "yellow": 0, "wave": 0, "green": 0, "orange": 0, "white": 1, "red": 1} 


that is a JSON containing all the occurrences of the specified Words to search.


  • the total number of new Twitter Sensors will be limited to 2 per Paraimpu user;
  • update frequency is established in order to avoid Twitter APIs rate-limiting;
  • PLEASE, NOTE: all the existing "old-fashioned" Paraimpu Twitter Sensors will stop working, without any further notice, by next March, 5; we suggest you to delete them and to create instances of the new one, if needed;

That's all.
See you in the next Paraimpu release.

Thank you.

The Paraimpu Team

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