New Paraimpu RELEASE: 0.8.6 "The Final Cut" is UP

Dear Users,

Paraimpu version 0.8.6, codename "The Final Cut" is up and running.

Basically, along with minor bugs fixing and several architecture improvements it uses the new Twitter APIs v1.1.

Consequently, very important to remark is that we've changed the way the Twitter Sensor works!

For details, please read this blog post.


  • the total number of new Twitter Sensors will be limited to 2 per Paraimpu user;
  • update frequency is established in order to avoid Twitter APIs rate-limiting; 

Please note: all the existing "old-fashioned" Paraimpu Twitter Sensors are disabled and they stopped working, we suggest you to delete them and to create instances of the new one, if needed.

Moreover, in order to properly refresh your workspace, please logout and login again. Thank you!

Enjoy the new version!

The Paraimpu Team

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