Announcement: New Release Online

We're glad to announce that we've just released the new Paraimpu version.

Briefly, the most important changes include:
  • a completely new API system (v1), so dear developers you're ready to develop your Paraimpu-based applications, here's the documentation home; old version of the API is deprecated, thus you are strongly encouraged to use API v1
  • a user profile page, just select your name in the workspace to show details, account type and API access token
  • the Foursquare thing (sensor) has been replaced by the new Swarm app; your old existing Foursquare sensors have been deactivated and will be removed in few weeks. You're encouraged to use the new Swarm thing
  • Karotz, the rabbit, has been discontinued by its manufacturer (read this announce) so we've removed it from Paraimpu. RIP dear Karotz!
  • Due to Facebook API constraints, a Facebook actuator thing expires in two months (more details can be found in its dedicated Paraimpu page), thus currently you need to create a new one after its expiration. Yes, we know... it's not comfortably and we're working to seriously improve or avoid that. Thank you for your patience
  • Google Calendar thing (actuator) has been temporarily deactivated, it will be back very soon with new capabilities
Several improvements are under the hood and includes some architectural changes and improvements along with the new API system.

Finally, now it can start a new era in the Paraimpu development. Stay tuned!


The Paraimpu Team

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