Paraimpu, IFTTT & the Makers

IFTTT just launched a new channel called "Maker".
Targeted to build a little more complex activations, it allows to connect a Recipe to any device or service that can make or receive a web request.
Basically, the new Maker channel allows to receive HTTP requests or to send data to devices and external systems through HTTP POSTs.

Very good, now connecting any of the IFTTT existing channels to Paraimpu becomes really simple, allowing to drive your IoT applications and connected things through our platform.

So, for example, let's create a new IFTTT recipe that:

"IF new Facebook status message by me with hashtag #paraimpu, 
THEN make a web request to a Paraimpu Sensor to send the status message"

Step 1: Create a new Generic plain text Paraimpu Sensor, using the palette (as usual)

Step 2: Create a new IFTTT Recipe: facebook -> Maker

Configure the Recipe as follows

Where, in the URL field (1) enter the entire URL you can find on the Paraimpu specific sensor page, API section.

The body message must be a JSON as shown in Body field (2). In this case we choose to send the entire Facebook status message to Paraimpu.

Save/update the Recipe and it's done!

Now, posting a status update on Facebook with hashtag #paraimpu (obviously you can change it through the recipe Hashtag field) results in sending the message to your Paraimpu sensor.

OK, and now?
Now you can easily connect all of the IFTTT Channels to Paraimpu through the new Maker Channel. Use them as Paraimpu sensors to trigger your Internet of Things personal apps inside Paraimpu and its connection model: turn on lamps through Arduino, drive your home, prototype your new devices and apps, water your garden and so on...

Paraimpu is for makers, you are web.

UPDATE: we published a Recipe ready for you (just fill the THINGID and API_KEY URL fields in the Recipe)

IFTTT Recipe: Post Facebook messages to Paraimpu connects facebook to maker

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