Paraimpu IoT platform is shutting down

Dear Paraimpu friend,

the short version of this post is that we are sad to inform you that Paraimpu platform is shutting down and we’d want to thank you so much for being our user.

The longer version of the story the following.
Paraimpu has been among the first user-friendly Web platforms for the IoT; in the last years we envisioned and worked to build a tool that was at the same time easy to use, powerful and complete, in order to allow people to connect and manage their connected devices and services. Unfortunately, as a startup we have not achieved our business goals in a reasonable time and we have therefore decided to quit developing the platform.
Thus, in 20 days we will begin to shut down all our systems. Meanwhile, if they are profitable, you can still download all of your data from your things and objects currently stored in Paraimpu. You can do it simply by visiting your things’ page from your workspace and clicking the DOWNLOAD button.
After 20 days, we will completely erase all your data stored by us: your user profile, your account, all your connected things and the data they produced. We will do it without any further notice via email and we will leave a final farewell in a dedicated post on this blog.

This adventure has been very positive for us and we are so happy that you belonged to it, so... thank you very much!

Viva Paraimpu , Viva IoT!

Take care,
The Paraimpu Team


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